Everything you need in one wallet.
All information in
front of your eyes
We tried to make the dashboard as user-friendly and at the same time as financially informative as possible.
Now you don't need to track the same assets in different networks separately.
What can I see?
Separate assets balance in each network
Total balance and value of the assets in $
Daily % difference and daily charts
Customize dashboard
as you like
Customize the Dashboard to your needs, remove or add networks and cryptocurrencies. For example, if you use only the Ethereum network, you can remove all other networks, and then your wallet usage will be more efficient and pleasant.
Use the [Show zero balances ] slider to exclude cryptocurrencies in which you have no balance.
Click on [ eye ] to hide your cryptocurrency balances from prying eyes
Coin page. Even
more information.
Select a network and monitor all coin activity on that network and use the simplified buy/receive/send/exchange functions.
Click on [ button ] to get more detailed information about the coin and track the chart in 1d/1w/1m/1y timeframes.
What additional information is waiting for me?
Network activities: sending, receiving, exchanging and more
Market Cap, Total Supply and more
Chart in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and more